+ When is the best time to go fishing?

The New Zealand Fishing Season opens in October and closes the 31st May.

There is always a compromise with when is best however when it comes to fishing my cup is always half full rather than half empty.

The beginning of the season is great as the fish have been left alone all winter and aren't very picky, mostly nymph fishing but still hook a few on drys. As the season warms the bug life becomes more prolific and the fish start looking up more.

January is great we start to get the odd cicada around and nearly all our fishing is on dries. Throwing big bugs is what I really like to do the most and from mid Jan to early March thats what we are doing.

Late March to April sees the return of some good mayfly hatch and hardly an angler to be seen.

So whatever time of the season you are here we make the most of the conditions, seasonal patterns and choose a location that we feel will suit the angler and the current fishing conditions